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M&M Ponies Qualified for Major Championships


The main aim for the Mountain and Moorland showing community is to qualify for the three major championships:

  • Royal International Horse Show - held in July at Hickstead, Sussex
  • Horse of The Year Show, held in October at the NEC, Birmingham
  • Olympia Horse Show, held in December at Olympia, London

It's easy enough to find the results of these shows, but not so easy to find out which ponies have qualified. Qualification is an achievement in itself and should be recognised - only one pony can win!

During 2017 we have been collating lists of qualified ponies and this website is intended to record our efforts. Anybody who wishes to help is welcome to join our facebook group M&M Show Results

Qualified ponies will be added throughout the showing season and final results when available.

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By recording class winners we are able to know if qualification has been passed down to 2nd or 3rd place, but there can be other reasons for qualification to be passed down or rescinded later. These lists of qualified ponies are not official and may not be correct while qualification is still ongoing. If you see something that you know to be wrong, please do let us know on the facebook group.